[The Secret of the PET bottle tea] Polyphenol pet bottle 7 / 7

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In 2010, the anti-oxidants bottled tea commercially available, That is, the polyphenol level In the American Chemical Society held in Boston for the first time measurements of Seems to have been reported.

Antioxidant bottled tea commercially available, That is about the polyphenol level.

Polyphenols contained in the plastic bottle beverages, There was a presentation does not hold a 1 cups of black tea and green tea is brewed at home.

Polyphenols contained in green tea one cup to put at home, in tea, It seems equivalent to 20 plastic bottles.

For details on how performers “Consumers know that there is a utility in black tea and green tea, There is a large gap between the amount of polyphenols contained in one and the knowledge, I found that the amount of polyphenols in the result bottling of the study very few ” It seems to be reported.