[Catechin] Multi-intake of green tea catechin care must be taken

Good morning.

In Japan, as an active ingredient tea catechin, I said, “to those concerned about body fat” by the Consumer Agency, Food for specified health use suggest display is allowed to its functionality and it has been sold.

Mechanism that catechins reduce the accumulation of body fat, but is unknown, Catechin was drinkable, enhance the activity of the enzyme fat consumption in the muscle and liver to one theory, I make it easier to consume energy as fat, It is said to promote the excretion of bile acids, and those resulting from the like.

Also, various supplements containing a high concentration of catechins, It is sold in Europe and Japan.

Causal relationship was clearly is not obvious, Canada, France, or Spain Liver damage suspected green tea catechin intake be the cause has been reported.

The ever catechin in the conventional European Although was sold as general medicine, In response to the severe cases that require to liver transplantation was observed Sales ban has been taken.